A Man on a Mission

"Abe Issa is an entrepreneur, loving father, and the founder and CEO of multiple companies. His efforts in the renewable energy industry have been met with great success. As Mr. Issa continues to build his business he has branched out to multiple industries. A visionary with his sights set on a brighter tomorrow"

Inspiring Entrepreneur

Mr. Issa's success can be attributed to his innovation and salesmanship. He is frequently described as "dynamic, passionate and hardworking." It is because of his passion and drive that he has been wildly successful in the green energy sector as well as his other ventures in software, medical testing, and sales strategy development.

Founder & CEO

Mr. Issa began his business life going door to door inspiring home owners to take back control of their energy and reduce their carbon footprint with renewable energy sources. His drive to succeed and change lives continues to make him successful to this day.

Dynamic Innovation

Change is something constant in life. By embracing change, and innovating within it, there is no limit to what you can do. Be dynamic, be ambitious, but never be afraid

Abe Issa