LEGO Is Ditching Oil

LEGO Is Ditching Oil

For a lot of us, LEGOs were a fond memory of our childhoods, so fond in fact that The LEGO Movie was a box office smash. Late last year however, LEGO came under fire from Greenpeace.

Not just because they stepped on a LEGO barefoot.

Instead last fall, Greenpeace began to protest LEGO for their contract with Shell Oil Company. You may have seen their parody video Lego: Everything is NOT Awesome which is a slow, sad version of the song Everything is Awesome while depictions of Alaskan wildlife are consumed by oil. These small plastic blocks are indeed made using oil, making them an environmental drain, especially when the supply of oil comes from drilling that destroys habitats.

The protests last fall were so effective that LEGO did not renew their contract with Shell.

In fact it was announced today in Chemical and Engineering news that the company would be spending $150 million over the next 15 years in order to make their bricks from a raw, sustainable material. LEGO sights environmental concerns as the reason for this move and will also be revamping their packaging to be more eco-friendly.

This undertaking will lead to the creation of over 100 jobs as they continue to research and test the new materials.

As the world continues to become eco-conscious, it is interesting to see what changing will be made in various industries. What’s great is not only is this company taking action in making the world a better place, they are also creating jobs. The benefits of the green energy movement run deep and can affect us all!