Recognition for Innovation Can Take Awhile

Recognition for Innovation Can Take Awhile

You might be hard pressed to find someone that you know who has never played a video game. Whether you spent many nights playing Everquest until the wee hours of morning or have flung angry birds at green pigs, you have more than likely had some interaction with video games. Video games have been around for decades and are one of the most lucrative markets currently out there, and yet, only just this weekend, were the first 6 titles inducted to the World Video Game Hall Of Fame.

The World Video Game Hall of Fame is located in Rochester, New York and developed four requirements to be considered. The requirements are: ionic status, longevity, international success, and they had to have caused influence on design of other games or pop culture/society.

Of the 15 titles that were considered, only 6 were admitted. Those 6 were:
Pong (1972)

Pac-Man (1980)


Super Mario Bros(1985)


World of Warcraft (2004)

Most interestingly is the fact that Pong came out 43 years ago and is just now receiving this recognition.

Innovation in both ideas and technology is often a long and thankless road. Battles are fought every day in convincing others that your idea or technology is relevant and necessary. This has been true for the video game industry for decades and is current true for the solar industry.

Last week Exxon’s CEO stated “investing in renewable energy is akin to losing money on purpose,” showing that there are many who are against us. However, looking at current social trends, solar energy and Worth Electric won’t have to wait 40 years to be lauded as iconic innovation!