Solar Powered Camping

Solar Powered Camping

You know what sucks about camping besides the ants, being cold, sleeping on rocks, bears, and bad food? Not being able to charge your devices. That and the bears, did we mention that there are bears?

But fear not, you brave camper you, for you can now get a solar powered tent that can charge your iPhone and other electronic devices! Kaleidoscope has teamed up with Orange to create the Orange Solar Tent to fulfill all your charging needs.

The tent itself uses solar threads that are woven into the top panels to collect sunlight during the day and store it in a battery. These panels can be adjusted to ensure that they are receiving the maximum exposure of the sun without having to move the tent itself.

Once stored in the battery, the energy can be used to charge phones, tablets and any other electronic devices that you may need during camping. Additionally, you can send a SMS message to the tent that will then cause the tent to glow, making it easier to find if you are wandering around in the dark.

Additionally, the tent has a warming layer in the floor panel that you can set to heat up if the tent goes below a comfortable temperature. Truly this tent allows you to camp eco-friendly in style! The solar tent makes camping much more bearable. Wait, did someone say bear?

What other ways can solar help the great outdoors?