Colorado Gets Even Greener

Colorado Gets Even Greener

And to get it right out of the way; the title isn’t referring to Colorado’s stance on marijuana. Instead, we mean that Colorado is taking a page out of Denmark’s book and investing heavily in bicycles.

Over the next four years, Colorado plans to invest over 100 million dollars into a new green transportation initiative focusing on bicycles. The state’s Governor, John Hickenlooper revealed the public-private project and stated, “Biking can be such a positive force, and I think being the best biking state is going to fuel economic growth and tourism.” The money will be used for many different aspects to promote usage.

On a more localized level, individual towns will be able to modify the infrastructure change to best suit the needs of the people that live there. This will vary from establishing new biking routes, to bolstering the current ones, as well as actively encouraging bike usage.

All of this was revealed at the Interbike convention in Las Vegas which is (apparently) the largest annual trade event for the bike industry in North America. Citing Denmark’s nearly 50% bike commute as an example, this shows a great step towards an eco-friendly future in Colorado.

Sustainability, innovation and green methods of transportation are great things to get behind. Not only is it better for the environment, but as we are seeing time and time again, it is fantastic for the economy.

Besides, Colorado has to do something to make up for all that smoke.