New Renewables Bill in Croatia

New Renewables Bill in Croatia

Croatia is looking to be more than just a filming location for Game of Thrones. Last week they proposed a new bill that would help their country move towards a more renewable future while attracting investors.

This bill, which focuses on energy efficiency as well as renewables such as solar and wind, was adopted by the government in Zagreb. The bill itself will cause a significant amount of restructuring of regulations within the country in terms of renewables and investments therein.

In addition to the revamped regulatory framework, the bill also includes plans for incentivizing the development of new electric plants using renewable energy sources in conjunction with high efficiency technology. This will draw in outside investors as well as provide security for their investment while forwarding the goal of sustainability.

There have already been results of this new incentive program with a 34.2 MW Rudine wind farm near the town of Dubrovnik set to begin construction this November. At this rate, Croatia hopes to be on track to be running on 20% renewable energy within the next 4 years.

Investing in renewables is not only energy efficient and eco-friendly, but also an increasingly great investment!