Free WiFi in Plano Texas Parks

Free WiFi in Plano Texas Parks

The internet is often regarded as one of the greatest inventions that has been created thus far. It is a repository of all human knowledge that can be accessed from nearly anywhere and allows for global communication.

It is also extremely useful for watching cute animal videos.

However, beyond its amazing uses, the internet is consistently a subject of debate. These debates range from whether or not it should be censored to if it should be considered a basic right for people similar to running water.

It is also the subject of controversy. You need only look to SXSW film festival and the “homeless hotspots” for an issue with making internet accessible to large ground in somewhat unconventional places.

In vein of providing internet to unconventional places, Plano, Texas has begun a new endeavor to do just that. This new project will aim to provide WiFi at parks and recreational centers completely for free.

This new concept is made possible through a partnership with Toyota, American Park Network and Time Warner Cable. The service will be released at several locations throughout Plano including; Arbor Hills High Point Tennis Center, Haggard, Carpenter and Oak Point Park.

Plano will be the first city in all of Texas to offer such a service which if successful, could become a new normal for cities and municipals nationwide. Before long the internet could be accessible anywhere on the planet!