Rockefeller Fund Diverting From Fossil Fuels

Rockefeller Fund Diverting From Fossil Fuels

The writing is on the walls for the fossil fuel industry. It was recently announced that the Rockefeller Family Fund would be divesting from fossil fuels as quickly as possible and eliminating holdings of Exxon Mobil.

The rationale behind this is that Exxon has been intentionally misleading the public about the very real threat of climate change. The massive withdrawal of funds serves as a message to the fossil fuel industry.

What makes this even more fascinating is that John D. Rockefeller, the man behind the name of the fund, made his money a century prior running Standard Oil. Standard oil of course was a precursor to Exxon Mobil.

Renewables and clean energy are not only a rapidly growing and thriving industry, but a necessary one as well. Entrepreneurs and innovators everywhere are quickly withdrawing from fossil fuels as a dying industry that has threatened the environment.

Businesses everywhere are investing in the future. The future of renewables and solar is quickly approaching, have you made the upgrade to solar yet?