San Francisco Adopts New Solar Laws

San Francisco Adopts New Solar Laws

California currently is the leading state for solar in the United States. A steady supply of sunshine and a drive for clean air has enabled solar to flourish there, both residentially and commercially.

This renewable focus has been the mantra both at a state level as well as within individual cities. San Francisco has now taken a legislative step towards continuing this trend.   

Early this year, over on Worth Electric, they wrote a piece on the subject of solar panels on municipal building, a fascinating idea that San Francisco appears to be adopting.

Last week, San Francisco passed groundbreaking legislation that would require all new buildings under 10 stories tall to have solar panels. This law goes into effect in 2017 and will require the buildings to have solar PV or solar thermal panels installed. All of this is in addition to California’s laws that require new buildings to have at least 15% of their roof space exposed to sunshine, in order to allow for future solar panel use.

“In a dense, urban environment, we need to be smart and efficient about how we maximize the use of our space to achieve goals such as promoting renewable energy and improving our environment,” said Scott Wiener, who introduced the legislation.

San Francisco already has ambitious goals of being 100% powered by renewable energy by 2020. This new legislation will help achieve this goal, especially when it comes to solar.

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