eSports Begin to Undercut Traditional Sports

eSports Begin to Undercut Traditional Sports

With the advent of the internet and digital streaming devices, we are seeing a huge diversification in how people consume media. All across the world we are seeing massive market shifts away from traditional television models.

A significant change within this market is also the type of media that people are consuming. We have seen a huge shift away from large network TV shows and towards smaller shows such as House of Cards which is only on Netflix.

Another area that is becoming wildly lucrative across the world that demonstrates this change in market tendencies is the area of eSports. These sporting events of video games have become incredibly popular and are drawing more and more viewers with each event.

This change in viewership is beginning to affect traditional sports viewership as the younger generations are more readily drawn to eSports. These findings and several other breakdowns were recently published by L.E.K. Consulting.

What this means for the various markets remains to be seen. What we can gather is that the traditional sports will need to change their model in order to retain and gain viewership or risk being swept aside in the rise of the eSports industry.