Logitech Reveals New Wireless Charging

Logitech Reveals New Wireless Charging

Our lives are becoming increasingly mobile and technologically driven. This of course requires a large portion of our devices to have self-contained batteries.

With these batteries, we find that more and more frequently charging them is a hassle. For instance, smart phones are notoriously low in their battery life which is a common complaint among users.

Another device that is frequently faulted for the wireless movement is keyboards and mice. With a huge portion of the population working and using computers on a daily basis, battery powered mice are common things that burn through batteries quickly.

Much like the energy business, there is great value in being able to store and distribute energy as needed seamlessly. This is where Logitech comes in to reveal their new wirelessly charging mousepad.

This proprietary technology took nearly four years to develop and is built right into the mousepad. When coupled with a compatible mouse, the pad will charge it on the pad.

These are currently set to be released in August of this year and come in at just under $100. Now if we can only get this kind of charging technology for electric vehicles!