Nutella Automates Design

Nutella Automates Design

When it comes to automation, we often think of big bulky processes like cars being created. However, with the introduction of advanced software and deep learning, automation is becoming rapidly advanced and nuanced.

We see this in all sorts of automation that surrounds us. Things such as The Nest tweaking the heating and cooling of your home is a great example of advanced automation.

One area that we have always thought impervious to automation is the field of creativity and artistry. The rationale behind this is lacking that creative spark makes it nearly impossible for a machine to create something artistic.

In a fun demonstration of computing power, Nutella has used software and automation to design labels for their product, defying this expectation. Specifically, they created algorithms that would design 7 million unique labels.

All of these unique bottles sold out in under a month. This has led to a resurgence of this marketing campaign to roll out in other countries in Europe. Truly a great use of automation and software!