Google’s New Energy Startup

Google’s New Energy Startup

Google is one company that is no stranger to taking risks and aggressively pursuing innovation when it comes to technology. This has made is a wildly successful company that will continue to invent new products and software for years to come.

A lot of these ventures are risky with many that do not really develop into anything long term. However, with each new startup, new ideas and new technology is created and rolled into the Google portfolio.

One recently that is of particular interest is a drive to develop an extremely cheap form of HVAC. This comes in the form of a startup called Dandelion, which is born from lab “X” of Google’s parent company Alphabet.

Dandelion says that it will offer affordable geothermal heating and cooling systems to homeowners. While such systems are already in use, they are a massive installation and can cost roughly $60,000. Dandelion looks to cut that cost by over half and use a new installation system that is clean and easy.

Making better energy choices is smart for all aspects of business. Not only are we creating jobs, we are creating a better tomorrow.