Musk Completes First Part of Los Angeles Tunnel

Musk Completes First Part of Los Angeles Tunnel

Elon Musk is a CEO that never stops moving forward. Constantly innovating, he has successfully started and grown many companies, generating billions of dollars.

There always seems to be a trend when Musk starts a company: he has an idea and he moves on it quickly. This is often met with a lot of hesitation and skepticism by other business leaders.

Take for instance Space X, his space venture. When initially pitched, there was a great deal of people that assumed this venture would fail. Now however we see it has been wildly successful and is even now delivering satellites.

His newest venture, The Boring Company, has seen almost exactly the same cycle. The company itself is on the mission to create subterranean tunnels for cars to move on in order to alleviate traffic on the crowded streets of California.

This last week he announced that the first test section has been built. Following this success, it now falls to the planning and politics of implementing this on a large scale in Los Angeles.