AI in Gaming

AI in Gaming

When it comes to video games, AI frequently conjures up images of poorly programmed opponents that, more often than not, get steamrolled by players. While this is called AI, it is not in fact Artificial Intelligence. 

Instead this is a very complex programing that attempts to imitate and counter player actions. While it can seem sometimes impressive, there is a limit as to what any programmed behavior can do.

This is where true Artificial Intelligence is going to make huge waves. In fact, it just started this last week with an Elon Musk backed company called OpenAI.

This company created an AI that would learn over time to play the popular game DOTA 2. They unveiled the AI this last week at a gaming competition.

The AI taught itself to play the game in roughly 2 weeks of real-time playing. Always playing against itself allowed for the AI to learn the game, to grow, adapt and change to the point where it could even beat some professional gamers.

The power of software could really change the way that we play games.