Australia Creates Its Own National Space Agency

Australia Creates Its Own National Space Agency

Space was once referred to as the final frontier and was a sector that was only approachable by large and wealthy countries. As time has progressed, the technology has gotten better and the cost of barrier for entry significantly less.

Such is the current state that private companies are now sending things to space. Space X is of course the most notable and popular of these none government space exploration companies.

This space transportation has turned into a huge business with a lot of money tied into it. Now Australia hopes to capitalize on this business with their own space agency.

Just this Monday, Australia announced that they are committed to creating a national space agency. This announcement was made after a week-long conference.

Will they be able to catch up with the private industry in time or will the gap be too large? This industry is quickly shaping up to be huge business with the Australian government estimating that the global space sector now drives $323 billion in revenue each year.