Cord Cutter Numbers Continue to Increase

Cord Cutter Numbers Continue to Increase

When it comes to media consumption, the landscape and marketplace are drastically changing. Long gone are the days of only 3 different channels that all went dark at the end of the night.

Now we are inundated with a plethora of channels by many different choices of media networks and companies. This landscape was the status quo for many years until streaming services began to erode the market share of these companies.

As consumer’s tastes and likes continue to change, so has the medium by which they consume their shows. This has led to the term of cord cutters, or people that do not have television cable but instead rely upon streaming services.

This market share has been gaining momentum, especially with the quality of entertainment that a lot of these streaming companies are offering. To this end, over the last year the number of cord cutters has increased by over 30%.

Current projections indicate that by 2018, only 3 months away, there will be over 22 million cord cutters in the United States alone. This is a massive market share and will continue to shape the business of entertainment for years to come.