Dubai Wants to be the First City with Flying Taxis

Dubai Wants to be the First City with Flying Taxis

When people thought of science fiction and the future 30 years ago, they often thought of robots, intelligent computers and flying cars. Nowadays, we have smartphones and digital assistants that are not too far off. 

While we have been making steps towards cars that can drive themselves, we still seem to be quite a ways off from having flying cars.  However, what we may get is something that is not too far off from that.

In Dubai, they are currently testing a flying taxi system in the form of drones. Currently, the unmanned drones seat 2 passengers and will be controlled by the autonomous computer.

Just this week there was a live demonstration of the vehicle which has been developed by the Germany-based firm Volocopter. Volocopter is just one of around a dozen firms that are pushing for such autonomous micro air travel.

While there are plenty of thrill seekers that would be excited to travel in one of this large unmanned drones, it remains to be seen if the market responds favorably. Until the technology is perfected and the service deployed, speculation is all that we can do!