Facial Recognition Payment Tested in China

Facial Recognition Payment Tested in China

When it comes to the modern age, everything is going digital and paperless. This is very true especially when it comes to money.

Nowadays, it is rarer to find someone who carries cash on them in any sizable amount than ever before. For the most part, people rely on cards and digital devices in order to complete their payment transactions.

This in turn has led to a whole industry dealing with securing transactions in a modern age. From pin numbers to finger prints, everyone is attempting to add more layers of security when it comes to owner verification for payments.

One such security protocol that has often been discussed is the use of facial recognition software. This technology is currently being tested in China at a KFC.

Users are able to have their face scanned once they are in the system in order to pay for their food. Currently it is serving as a marketing tactic, but may indeed be something that takes off given enough interest.

Would you want to be able to make purchases simply by scanning your face?