Intelligent Speed Bumps

Intelligent Speed Bumps

For anyone that has ever driven, there is a very good chance that you have encountered a speed bump at one time or another. Most people hate the jarring thud of going over these bumps, even at low speed, and especially with a lower car.

For many years now, companies have been trying to come up with a better design of speed bumps that help keep streets safe without damaging cars. One company is going back to the basics of science to solve this problem.

A company out of Spain is going back to a simple science demonstration that most people first encounter in early grade school. This demonstration deals with non-Newtonian fluids.

A non-Newtonian liquid, for those that may not remember, can react both as a solid and or as a liquid depending on the amount of kinetic energy imparted into it. In the case of the childhood demonstration, you could punch it and it was solid, but you could also pour it through your fingers if you want to slowly.

This company hopes to inject a very similar material into the speed bumps, calibrated as such to make for a better drive at slow speeds. At the same time, they will provide the reminder at higher speeds to slow down.

If successful, this could be a huge global marketplace.