The Market Swings for Amazon

The Market Swings for Amazon

A few weeks ago, following the acquisition of Whole Foods, Amazon made some bold changes to the Whole Foods model. These changes were very positively received.

Through the move of reducing prices at Whole Foods, Amazon was successfully able to reposition and change the narrative surrounding the brand. The price reduction effectively removed some of the negative PR that surrounded the notoriously expensive grocery store.

The proof is definitely in the pudding with this change resulting in a 25% increase in customer traffic for the grocery store. This marks a significant uptick across the nation.

A huge takeaway from this business development is that Amazon can indeed successfully take its business off the internet. This success, when it comes to brick and mortar, could mean huge new developments for the company in the very near feature.

Expect to see a larger push in coming years from Amazon to take their business offline. It will be exciting to see what new directions they take.