Self-Driving Cars Are Closer Than Ever

Self-Driving Cars Are Closer Than Ever

When it comes to the automotive industry, there are a lot of things currently shaking it up. The huge push towards electric vehicles in recent years is the most realized change that we are seeing.

The other change that is on the rise in the industry comes with the concept of self-driving cars. Once a concept of science fiction, we are getting closer and closer to these autonomous vehicles being a reality in our daily commute.

This future full of self-driving cars may get here even faster than we anticipate. The House voted Wednesday to speed the introduction of self-driving cars by giving the federal government authority to exempt automakers from safety standards not applicable to the technology, and to permit deployment of up to 100,000 of the vehicles annually over the next few years.

With such a movement towards innovation, we can expect even more businesses taking advantage of this opportunity. This will serve to hasten self-driving cars and reducing all of our commutes.

There are still some ethical concerns when it comes to self-driving cars that have people worried when it comes to crashing. Will you be in line to get a self-driving car when they are first adopted?