The Cost of Wildfires

The Cost of Wildfires

When it comes to changes in the environment due to climate change, there is sometimes a disconnect between the rhetoric and the observable world for some people. There are a few exceptions, for instance the horrific pollution in China.

One area that is directly observable both in its damage and cost comes from wildfires. These terrifying events happen year round and we see news articles showing town evacuations and brave firefighters working to put out these destructive blazes.

What most people don’t think of in these events is how much it is costing to fight these fires. The US Forest Budget’s year is about to close out on Sept 30 and has spent over 2 billion dollars fighting fires this year.

This is significantly more than the 1.7 billion that they spent last year. Moreover, this number doesn’t include figures from federal, state, or local firefighting agencies.

If climate change and energy policies do not change, we can only expect fires such as the ones seen this year to increase in frequency and destruction. In the end, it will cost everyone more and more over time.

Truly the renewable sector is needed to preserve our environment and reduce the need for such massive spending.