An End to AOL Instant Messenger

An End to AOL Instant Messenger

When it comes to the internet, this massive piece of world shaping technology is constantly changing. You need only look back at the early days of the internet to now to see how far it has come.

We now constantly use the internet for access to the combined knowledge of humans, cat videos and memes. This is a far stretch from the early days of dial-up modems.

Primarily in fact, the original internet was used mostly for communication. When the internet became more mainstream and available to more people, this also held true in the form of AOL Instant Messenger.

This messaging system was a phenomenon in the 90’s and early 00’s where young kids would spend hours online chatting with their peers. Such early adoption is why so many of that generation are extremely computer and internet literate.

Like all things however, older technology eventually comes to an end. Such is the case with AIM which will be discontinued this December. It will stand as a relic to the internet age that was so many people’s first experience of going online.