NASA Plans for 2069

NASA Plans for 2069

When it comes to the development of new technologies, NASA is responsible for some incredible innovations. Sometimes these inventions and innovations are on purpose, but some happen on accident as they attempt to solve many of the problems that interstellar travel offers.

NASA is now about to begin planning for an interstellar launch in the year 2069. This mission will be set to send a satellite to Alpha Centauri which is over 4 light years away.

Many new challenges face this mission, one of which is the speed factor. Getting the satellite there as quick as possible is one of the biggest goals of the mission.

In order to achieve this, they will be exploring several different propulsion methods. The benchmark here is to get it to at least 10% the speed of light.

If this speed is achieved, it will still take 44 years to make the journey. This shows how far into the future we are willing to invest in obtaining knowledge.

From this mission we can expect to see some new innovations and developments in space travel. We can also expect to see many new peripheral technologies that may even give rise to new industries.