Amazon Increasing Their Prices

Amazon Increasing Their Prices

In the past few months, we have seen Amazon in the news a lot. First, they made the news with their acquisition of Whole Foods, and then again when they dropped the Whole Foods prices dramatically.

Now however they are in the news for the opposite reason. In this case, they are being featured for increasing the price of the Amazon Prime membership.

The Amazon Prime membership is one of the things that helped put Amazon at the forefront of shopping online. For either a yearly or monthly fee, members could get free two day shipping on qualifying purchases.

Over time, this has increased in value as more and more perks were added for their members. This additional value is perhaps one of the reasons behind this new announced price increase. The increase itself is 20% for monthly subscribers but will see no change to the yearly subscribers.

When Netflix attempted to increase their prices last month, they were met with a great deal of resistance by their users. It will be interesting to see if the Amazon Prime members find fault with this new price point or see the value truly added.