Demand Drops for Las Vegas Monorail, Abe Issa’s Thoughts

Demand Drops for Las Vegas Monorail, Abe Issa’s Thoughts

When it comes to the renewable energy industry, innovation and improvement of infrastructure are two main facets that companies focus on. So for the case of solar, we are constantly innovating the way that solar panels work, as well as the manner in which they are mounted.

Countries, states, and cities all over the world are improving their infrastructures into a more sustainable, eco-friendly paradigm. Whether this is making homes and new buildings solar ready or creating electric vehicles charging stations, you see these improvements everywhere.

Such improvements in the United States are not always immediate successes. People are often slow to change their ways which can result in a bit of a ramp up to adoption of a new thing.

This is the case for the Las Vegas monorail. Said monorail was created in 2008 and runs parallel to the Las Vegas strip. The goal was to help 20 million riders a year cut down on driving the strip, thereby reducing the traffic and the carbon footprint of the travel.

Sadly in 2016 roughly only 5 million people made use of the monorail. This statistic, however, will probably go up very quickly over the next few years. The Las Vegas strip is rapidly changing their rules and prices for parking which will very quickly convert people over to the monorail.

Will you be taking the monorail to The Strip next Vegas trip?