Facebook to Shutdown M

Facebook to Shutdown M

Two and half years ago, Facebook announced a new venture into their platform called M. The idea behind this was a virtual assistant similar to Siri or Kortana but with a twist.

The Facebook twist was the virtual assistant would also use human employees once it reached an impasse in the deliverables. The idea behind this was to help the software once it becomes stumped and then, over time, fill in these gaps.

While the basic version of the assistant rolled out to many people, the true human enhanced version only was released to several thousand people. Sadly, the rest of us will not be able to experience the full version as Facebook has announced they will be shutting it down.

This is probably a smart move for the company as the return on concept was not nearly what they had been expecting or hoping. The final day for the experiment will be January 19.

The company has already stated that the developers will be assimilated into other departments. It is great to see that they value their talented employees.