The Powerful Business of Automation

The Powerful Business of Automation

We currently live in a time of early adoption of automation. Automation is beginning to create massive market forces that are turning into big business and cost saving measures.

For instance, Amazon’s use of automation in their fulfillment facilities allowed them to increase the speed at which orders are fulfilled. This not only allows for faster deliveries, but also decreases cost of labor.

This automation is, of course, beginning to be implemented into our vehicles. In some major cities, you can already see self-driving pilot cars. In the coming years, these will become more prevalent and begin to be used in other businesses.

For instance, Dominos’ most recent CEO speculated that in three to five years, he expects driverless cars and voice orders to shift the way the world orders pizza. This means that in theory you could have your automated home assistant order a pizza and then have it automatically delivered to your home without interacting with another person.

What remains to be seen is how this adoption of technology will affect price point. Over time, these investments will pay dividends, but adoption on this scale would be a massive expense.