What’s on at CES

What’s on at CES

Each year, CES puts on display so many different and innovative new technologies. This is a great insight into how to expect technology and business to develop over the year, as we can see a lot of the new and upcoming projects.

CES serves to highlight what the consumer market is eager for and how companies are moving to fulfill the demand. This year, we can expect a large emphasis of CES to focus on vocal interactions with our technologies.

Home assistants, like Alexa and Google Home, have been huge hits the last few years. More and more people are introducing these and similar devices to their day-to-day lives and we can expect to see a lot on display this year.

Apple is coming out with their own version of the home assistant this year and Microsoft is partnering up with Samsung as well. We can also expect to see announcements of the assistants currently in play being expanded on to new devices.

In the mobile world that we currently live in, making it a hands free one is the next logical step. The power control your surroundings with your voice alone is no longer a science fiction concept.