Competition in the Shipping Space

Competition in the Shipping Space

Amazon was once a company that set out to sell books. Over time, this has changed to becoming an international company that almost literally sells anything.

In the early days of the company, their competition frequently mocked them and paid them little heed as a competitor or force in global business. This has since changed with Amazon being a powerhouse company that is driving others out of business.

UPS is one such company that is beginning to watch and respond to the actions of Amazon in order to maintain their market share. This comes as a response to Amazon announcing a plan for a low cost packaging delivery service.

This announcement has caused them to look at technology options to help increase their own efficiency and decrease costs. In 2016, they began gathering data in order to identify and improve on areas of efficiency.

Since this point, they have developed over 20 projects and protocols that will greatly improve their operations. The question is will it be enough to combat Amazon?