The Power of Software to Impact Brick and Mortar Businesses

The Power of Software to Impact Brick and Mortar Businesses

In these modern times, we live with an incredible amount of technology constantly at our fingertips. With mobile phones, software literally goes wherever we go.

This has opened up a massive amount of businesses driven by software that could not exist without it. Uber is a great example of a company that could not exist without smartphones and the software that powers them.

At the same time, this digital realm of business is having significant impact on the brick and mortar businesses that we rely upon. Beyond just Amazon driving companies out of business, some restaurants are being hurt by food delivery apps.

Over the last few years, we have seen apps such as Uber Eats, Seamless, and GrubHub spring up all over the world. Where before only pizza was able to be delivered, now almost any restaurant can have their food delivered.

However, this is beginning to cause some strain at these restaurants. Compared to a traditional in restaurant meal, these takeout orders are causing a significant dip in their revenue. In turn, this may one day cause some of your favorite small restaurants to close.

Will this dissuade you from Postmating your favorite restaurant?