Technology Powered Transportation

Technology Powered Transportation

When it comes to technology, transportation is a sector that has benefited greatly from new innovations. This was true as far back as wheels, all the way through airplanes taking to the sky.

This has proven true even more so as we progress into software technologies powering transportation. Companies everywhere are now using software to improve operations or even base their entire company on software like Uber.

These options were impossible until a few years ago, truly underlining the importance of technology in this new world paradigm. This technology continues to improve and will open new opportunities for business.

The next opportunity that so many are looking into is the prospect of planes as flying taxis. This, of course, is an extrapolation of the Uber model.

In fact, Uber’s CEO has already stated that he anticipates that this could occur in the next 3 to 5 years. Already, Uber offers some helicopters in some areas making this a very real possibility.