The Changing Space of the Workspace

The Changing Space of the Workspace

Over the last few years, we have seen a stark departure from the standard 9-5 workplace. This has been made possible predominantly by technology.

Our current workplace environment revolves almost entirely around computers. This, therefore, makes the need to come into a brick and mortar almost obsolete in order to complete work.

Many companies are struggling to fill the skills gap in their business models and therefore, they’re embracing agile, remote teams to get work done. Nearly two-thirds of companies today have remote workers, yet a majority lack remote work policies.

Instead they are relying on these outside contractors. This new paradigm will continue, according to a recent study by Upwork, at an unparalleled rate.

While this may be good in the short term, in the long run it may prove more beneficial to allow for more work from home from actual employees. This in turn would reward loyalty, and allow for a longer tenure for these employees at a company.