California Already Meeting Its 2020 Emissions Goal

California Already Meeting Its 2020 Emissions Goal

According to recent data by the California Air Resources Board, California’s greenhouse gas emissions dropped to a low 429.4 million metric tons in 2016. Its target for 2020 is 431 million metric tons. California has already hit its target with another 2 years to go. The Board says, “The achievement was roughly equal to taking 12 million cars off the road or saving 6 billion gallons (22.7 billion liters) of gasoline a year.”

“The decrease is partly a result of California’s increased use of renewable power, the board said. Solar electricity generation from rooftop arrays and power plants jumped 33 percent in 2016, according to the new data. Imports of hydroelectric power shot up 39 percent that year as rains returned to the Western United States after years of drought, officials said.”

That may seem like a great accomplishment but California has mandated that an additional 40% be dropped by 2030. In order to meet this mandate, decrease in emissions must continue to drop in order for the state to meet this.

Californians must continue to increase their use of renewable energy and more buyers must opt for electric vehicles rather than gas-powered vehicles.

It would be interesting to revisit these statistics in 2020 and see how much further California will be compared to this recent release.

Keep up the great job, California!