Importance of Life Jackets

Importance of Life Jackets

If you and your loved ones enjoy your days around pools and open water, you must always be equipped with life jackets.

You should only purchase and use life jackets approved by the U.S. Coast Guard. Only jackets meeting their standards will be sold with a Coast Guard Approval Number on them.

When purchasing life jackets, choose bright colors to ensure visibility, especially in case of emergency.

Life jackets should fit snugly. Make sure you buy jackets that fit your children’s size and weight. Adult life jackets will not work for children. If perfectly fitted, it will not ride up to your face and it will keep your head above water. If the life jacket is too small, it will NOT keep you afloat. If fit properly, you will be able to fasten buckles and zipper without any struggles.

Children should always be under adult supervision when they are around body of water and on the water. Never leave children alone just because they are wearing life jackets.

While boating, many are seemed using their life jackets as seat cushions or just having them by their side. It is critical all boaters and passengers wear them at all times, especially young children. If you are a parent of young children, it’s also wise that you keep your life jacket on as well. In case of emergency, you are more than ready instead of fumbling around for one. Accidents on the water can happen very quickly and in those situations, chaos and panic will most likely take place first.

Life jackets are heavily insulated and will help regulate your body temperature. This is of most important if you should ever find yourself unexpectedly in the water. Life jackets are designed and intended to keep your head above the water. No matter how you fall into the water, if you are wearing the life jackets properly, it will re-position your body so that your back will be in the water, allowing you to breath.

Wearing a life jacket is important for everyone on the water, even if you know how to swim. Life jackets up your survival chances in case of emergency. So remember, the next time you are on the water and a life jacket is provided, simply just put it on.