The End of Ketchup Packets?

The End of Ketchup Packets?

We are seeing more and more companies pledging to improve the environment by ways to conducting their businesses. One of the latest brands making the news is Heinz.

Heinz, the condiment giant, aims to have 100% of its packaging be recyclable, reusable, or compostable by the year 2015. The company has 7 years to figure out what’s best for the company economically and how the new packaging will be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Other companies should follow suit and pledge to make their products more environmentally friendly. The multi-laminate packaging uses foil and plastic, making them not biodegradable. This has taken a hug toll on our environment.

Though it’s tempting to hoard little packets, people have a tendency to forget about them until the contents lose their flavor and need to be thrown away. (Fast food) Restaurants tend to give more than what’s needed. As a result, a large portion are being wasted.

Saving these single-serving sized condiment packets is a pretty common practice. These packages add up quickly and too often not being used. They do have expiration date, one year for optimal taste, but mostly being listed on the big containers that these packets come in. Therefore, most are being tossed in the trash if people are uncertain of how long they have been sitting around.

What other brands will be pledging to make their products more environmentally friendly? It would be interesting to see which of these companies will meet the goals they have set forth.