Solar Energy Generates More than Power

Solar Energy Generates More than Power

According to the 2018 US Energy and Jobs Report, solar power is generating more than just clean energy for millions of Americans. Several states, including Texas, New York and California lead the way in the number of jobs directly tied to solar energy.

The report states, “Rising employment in solar, wind, and natural gas coincides with the shift in energy generation by source, especially given recent large-scale distributed and utility-scale solar capacity additions”.

Over the past 7 years, the solar energy sector has seen a 150% employment growth and the Department of Energy estimates to see an additional 5% increase in 2018.

The growth in the solar energy sector is tremendous for the states and communities that reap the benefits of not only clean energy, but also the jobs that solar energy provides.

Watching these trends continue to promote job growth in the solar energy market motivates me for the future of our industry and supports my mission of providing clean energy alternatives and the opportunity to put people to work.