Tech Companies Powered by Clean Energy

Tech Companies Powered by Clean Energy

The social media giant Facebook has just committed to using renewable energy to power 100% of it’s operations by 2020. This announcement follows the trend of powerful tech companies like Google and Apple making consistent efforts to power their businesses using clean energy.

Tech companies are leading the way in purchasing more clean energy than any other sector. In a news release Facebook stated it’s newest data center in Huntsville, Alabama will be powered by solar energy with other data centers using hydroelectric and wind energy.

It’s also great to see that with this addition to the use of clean energy, Facebook’s efforts are local to the data centers they are powering. The company released a statement that, “All of these wind and solar projects are new and on the same grid as our data centers”. This emphasis on local power impacts local companies and provides job opportunities.

With the influx of renewable energy, Facebook is also committed to reducing their greenhouse emissions 75% by their goal of 2020.

Clean energy is no long the future; it’s here and I like it.