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6 Tips to Invest in Renewable Energy Now

Key Takeaways Around the globe, clean energy investment has never been higher, creating plenty of opportunities for investors who want to take advantage of trends like recovering supply chains, the IRA (Inflation Reduction Act), and more. But where to begin? Many large companies such as CEG and FLNC are performing well, but energy stocks can […]


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5 Renewable Energy Sources To Look Out For in 2024 and Beyond

Let’s break down several key renewable energy resources and what investors can look forward to in the 2020s. Key Takeaways Renewable and clean energy technologies are already seeing historic levels of investment in the early 2020s, and there’s plenty of growth left to go and the last several years proved turbulent for the energy industry […]


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High Gas Prices Aren’t Going Away — Here’s a Look at the Latest Trends in the Global Energy Industry

There are several important current trends worth keeping an eye on in 2023 to see how the energy industry, particularly renewables, responds. Key Takeaways From the energy proposals in the Inflation Reduction Act to new concerns about fuel dependency following the war in Ukraine, it’s been a hectic couple of years for the energy industry, […]


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Top Solar Energy Trends To Look Out For in 2023 and Beyond

The new EIA numbers predict an increase in demand for renewable energy — but this increase is generating a lot of pushback. With the latest Energy Information Administration (EIA) report now out, we have a more precise look at renewable energy numbers throughout the United States, including the latest growth. Renewable energy investors and developers […]

The Evergreen Action

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The Evergreen Action Path to Reaching 100% Clean Energy

Can your business make the transition to a clean-powered future? The current United States Administration has an ambitious goal: Cut carbon emissions and reach 100% clean power by 2035. Is this even possible? A new report from the Evergreen Action organization, partnering with NRDC (Natural Resource Defense Council), charts just how it could be done. […]